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Mistakes make your brain grow bigger
May 17, 2020 life skill admin

Failures and mistakes are like dots in the big scheme of things. They trace the right path for you. We all need to be reminded that they are just fine and that they are a huge part of growth and success While I was growing up, I often heard my teachers say things like to

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What Can India And Pakistan Learn From Their Relationship In 1950?
April 20, 2020 EXPLAINED admin

The Bengal Pact and the Nehru–Liaquat agreement offer perspectives on the erstwhile India–Pakistan relationship that can be useful even today, when the future of the relations between the two countries is very bleak The year 1950, then, was an interesting one: It had all the makings of the sets of causes that bring about both

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Explained: What bringing the Chief Justice of India’s office under RTI means
April 18, 2020 Politics & Democracy admin

While the office of the CJI is now under the RTI’s ambit, the CBI is exempt. When the UPA government brought the RTI law on October 12, 2005, the CBI was under it. Written by Shyamlal Yadav, Source : Indian Express On Nov 13, 2019, the Supreme Court ruled that the office of the Chief Justice

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Is Student Politics In India A Waste Of Time?
April 12, 2020 opinion admin

There is a view that youngsters in our college campuses are whiling away their time in political activism A slogan in the student movement shaking many parts of India today is ‘Don’t be Silent, Don’t be Violent’. This slogan is good politics. Students are learning about good politics (debate, discussion, tolerance and democracy), the politics

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How A Passive Onlooker Stepped In To Flag Domestic Violence
April 11, 2020 opinion admin

Don’t Be a Bystander. With a small intervention, you can save the life of someone putting up with domestic violence V. KUMARA SWAMY Soon after we were married in early 2011, we moved to a new flat in northeast Delhi’s Dilshad Garden. Sarbani and I had just about started out, and picked a neighbourhood where

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Coronavirus: RBI allows 3-month moratorium on loan EMIs, deferment of interest payment
March 27, 2020 Business admin

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said the two steps would not be classified as default, will not impact credit history of the borrower and will not result in asset classification downgrade. The Reserve Bank of India has decided to allow all lending institutions to permit a three-month moratorium on payment of installments of all loans. It

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Explained: What is hantavirus?
March 25, 2020 EXPLAINED admin

Hantavirus Symptoms: Cases of the hantavirus in humans occur mostly in rural areas where forests, fields and farms offer suitable habitat for infected rodents. China’s English daily Global Times has reported the death of a person from Yunnan Province who tested positive for the hantavirus. The hantavirus is not novel and its first case dates back to

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From Kerala, a robot to take care of coronavirus patients
March 24, 2020 INDIA, Technology admin

The advantage of deploying a robot in this scenario is to cut down on human to human contact. This will help both health workers and visitors. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in India and across the world, Kochi-based startup Asimov Robotics has developed a robot that can be deployed in hospitals to ease pressure on the

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LIVE UPDATES: December 16 gangrape convicts hanged to death
March 19, 2020 INDIA, Live admin

2012 Delhi gangrape and murder case convicts hanged latest news & LIVE UPDATES: Delhi Mukesh (31), Pawan Gupta (24), Vinay Sharma (25) and Akshay Kumar Singh (33) were executed in Tihar jail at 5.30 am. The four convicts Mukesh (31), Pawan Gupta (24), Vinay Sharma (25) and Akshay Kumar Singh (33) were hanged at 5.30

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Explained: Reading the criticism from Iran
March 9, 2020 EXPLAINED admin

Iran has criticised India on the Delhi riots. It had also reacted to the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition and the 2002 riots, but its strong words now have caught notice. A look at the bilateral history and global context LAST WEEK, Iran criticised India twice on the Delhi riots. On March 2, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, highly

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