Month: February 2020

Month: February 2020

SC ruling in favour of women officers in Army is pathbreaking, extends arc of equality
19/02/2020 opinion, supreme-court-verdict-women-indian-army admin

Article 14 of the Constitution has been pressed into service as prescribing “a right to rationality” that forbids any “blanket” and “absolute” prohibition. The Supreme Court of India has again showed what a constitutional culture of non-discrimination can achieve in demolishing obstinate structures of gender-based discrimination in state and civil society. The march of gender

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Can Ram temple be built on Muslim graves: 9 Ayodhya residents to Trust
18/02/2020 INDIA admin

The four-page letter asks the 10 trustees “with best knowledge and experience in the field of Hindu/Sanatan religion and practice” to consider whether “the temple of Lord Ram can have foundation on the grave of Muslims”. Nine Muslim residents of Ayodhya have written to the newly appointed Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra, appealing to them to

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India-US trade deal yet to shape up even as oil contracts appear likely
16/02/2020 Economy admin

New Delhi is expected to agree to buy more oil and gas to bridge trade gap The proposed India-US trade deal seems to hang in the balance a week before the scheduled visit of US President Donald Trump. While critical issues are still not quite ironed out, the sealing of some contracts on crude oil

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Prashant Kishor: The Man Behind AAP’s Winning Campaign
14/02/2020 features, personalities admin

The man who designed the strategy for Kejriwal and a bunch of other victorious chief ministers As the Delhi Assembly election results started pouring in with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) headed for an emphatic win, one of the architects of its performance, Prashant Kishor tweeted, “Thank you Delhi for standing up to protect the

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Shankar Mahadevan’s World of Plenty
13/02/2020 Conversations, If I Ruled the World admin

Shankar Mahadevan on how he would rule the world No one will go to bed hungry My primary goal would be that no child goes hungry in my reign. This is a heartbreaking reality of our day and age, and I would focus on eliminating it. Every single child would have their tummy’s fill in

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How The Coronavirus Disease Got A New Name
12/02/2020 Health admin

The fascinating story of how some of the world’s most deadly and emerging infectious diseases are christened In an attempt to streamline efforts to arrest its outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) has re-christened this disease: COVID-19 on 11 February. The acronym stands for coronavirus disease 2019. In a pre-print released by the Coronavirus Study

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Make Your Resolutions Work
12/02/2020 life skill admin

No more broken promises, just hit refresh. Use these tricks to stick to your goals. NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS can be a slippery slope. The harder you push, the greater the odds that you may trip. According to recent research by behavioural scientist Katherine Milkman from the University of Pennsylvania, USA, there are certain moments when we

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What It Takes To Keep The Union Budget A Secret
08/02/2020 Economy admin

In the run-up to every Union Budget, the media is rife with speculation about possible tax-breaks to the middle class, concessions to the industry and incentives to the farming sector. That’s because the Finance Ministry goes to great lengths to keep everything related to the Budget a secret. That is how the sanctity of the

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