Pub Ad Optional

Candidates selected through CSE, form the steel frame of the country.

Optional selection is a crucial aspect in a candidate’s strategy to succeed in this examination.

An optional for all seasons and an optional which is most relevant both from the perspective of the examination and for the day to day work of Civil Servants. 

It is one of the most scoring optionals and provides a substantial number of final selections in the order of merit. #Watch Video

It’s overlapping nature along with the General Studies , provides a candidate with Pub Ad a head start and help her/him to score better in Mains, which not only improves chances of selection, but also to get ahead in the merit list.

The empirical and analytical yet simple nature of syllabus positions Pub Ad at a unique spot, wherein a single optional helps the candidate score well in GS paper, ethics as well in front essay and gives the candidate’s preparation an edge above the lot. It also acts as a boost with regards to Personality Test, where knowledge of the intricacies of administration helps one answer the practical problems posed better.

With a finite, well defined syllabus from which questions largely revolve around the major heads given in the syllabus, along with its generalist approach helps Pub Ad to get chosen by candidates from diverse backgrounds.

You can be one too, like many others who succeeded in this examination with the help of Public Administration. Not just get selected but be among a number of toppers who choose Pub Ad.

About The Course

This course has been specially designed for those who are

  • Interested in opting Pub Ad as an Optional with/out Academic Background of the subjects.
  • Having roadblocks in understanding concepts and its applicability
  • Studied the subject on their own and facing problem in writing standard answer.

Study Material

We will provide comprehensive study material. The nature of study material will be two fold, one which will work as supplementary material to class lectures and second basic material of the subject. Though class notes would be enough to have a fair understanding of the subject and write authentic answers that can fetch high marks.

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